Recuerdo Mezcal 5"KO

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Recuerdo Mezcal 5″KO Limited Edition Reposado represents many special moments: an homage, a memento and a celebration of courage, hard work, talent, tradition and quality. It pays tribute to one of the most memorable nights in UFC history, which took place in Las Vegas on July 6th, 2019, when welterweight mixed martial artist and Recuerdo Mezcal shareholder Jorge “Gamebred” Masvidal recorded the fastest knockout in UFC history, which he inflicted upon his rival only five seconds into the fight.


Recuerdo Mezcal 5″KO Limited Edition Reposado is meant to be enjoyed neat, patiently, sip by sip in a veladora glass, alongside a pinch of Agave worm salt and an orange wedge: the traditional Mezcal ritual.
It is the only Mezcal with five gusanos (gusano is Spanish for Agave worm): as most Mezcal connoisseurs know, their presence adds a silky smoothness to the liquid’s taste and finish. Recuerdo Mezcal 5″KO Limited Edition Reposado is aged 5 months in new American oak barrels. By the way, every bottle is uniquely numbered and only 5,000 have been produced.


Recuerdo Mezcal 5″KO Limited Edition Reposado is made from select Agave Espadín plants and is crafted with traditional techniques, cooked over river rocks with certified pine and oak wood to achieve an environmentally friendly finished product. The river rocks are collected from the higher elevations of Oaxaca’s central valley rivers. The woods utilized at our distillery in Oaxaca are certified by the SEMARNAT (Mexican ministry of environmental protection), this ensures that the planet’s biodiversity is protected through responsible and sustainable management of the local forests. Mezcal is a protected designation of origin. Our distillery follows a strict proprietary sustainability program we call MÉTODO VERDE®(Spanish for green method) based on careful waste management and renewable energies to protect the biodiversity of our region, and the purity of its water sources.


  • Bright straw yellow with gold sparkles.
  • Cooked agave with smooth herbal, citrus, vanilla, chocolate and wood notes along the exotic aroma of the maguey worm.
  • Hints of cooked agave with bittersweet contrasts, subtle acidity and saltiness combined with delicate
    sparkles of smokiness. Slight astringent trigeminal sensations with a spicy and pleasingly fiery, crisp finish.

Hey! please sip responsibly, will ya?